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FeatureTURN provides quick and easy programming of all types of turned parts


  • Creates both common and specialist hole types, facing and cut-off features, and grooves and threads on the outside or inside diameter, letting you machine all types of turned component
  • Supports a wide range of canned cycles, including rough and finish profiling, threading, grooving, drilling and tapping, making the most efficient use of your machine controller
  • Posts code to almost any CNC controller on the market today, letting you machine successfully from day 1
  • Supports machines with sub-spindles, bar feeders and bar pullers, increasing productivity by reducing material loading times.
  • Includes proven post-processors for all major machine tools, reducing machine commissioning time.

Typical Applications:

  • General hose fittings
  • Tooling fixtures and fittings.
  • Covers, bearing pins & axles

FeaturTURN Overview